rpi-imager: Fehler beim Erstellen von firstrun.sh auf der fat-partition

06.05.2023 - Lesezeit: ~1 Minute


The flashing of the SD card went ok, but applying the customizations fails with the error: Error creating firstrun.sh on FAT partition (Strangely it can write to the raw device, but it cannot read/write to the mounted filesystem).

The solution The solution luckily is really simple, but it is missed on a lot of forums. Snap installs can be configured using Ubuntu Software. The configuration allows a user to specify what kind of actions are allowed for the snap install. For the Raspberry Pi Imager we need to enable ‘Read/write files on removable storage devices’ as is shown in the image below:

Meine Lösung

Da ich kein Freund von snap bin:

$ sudo snap remove rpi-imager 
$ sudo apt install rpi-imager
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